My Passion… What Drives Me Also Heals Me

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My Passion… What Drives Me Also Heals Me

We all have encountered a period of anxiety and depression. It is part of the turbulence of life. I have dealt with the passing of my parents and my only sibling, Dr. Theodore Kessler. I embraced yoga at the beginning like anything else.. drive and determination. Having a disabled sibling always made me feel somewhat embarrassed when I was with him to talk about yoga. But he understood and told me that when I decided to become an instructor of Bikram… “the best decision you have ever made.”

So this is why I do these retreats: to direct the influence and the importance of my brother’s life to people who didn’t know him sort of connect with him.

Yoga helps correct two different states of being: rajasic: (restless or anxious) and/or tamasic (lethargic or depressed). Hot Yoga I believe can help with both by combining vigorous (standing series) with relaxing and calming (the floor series). Our retreats of Hot Yoga Bliss also offer the additional elements that you may not find at other retreats… The Temazcal Ceremony is one of them. The photos below are before (mud exfoliation) and after (newly reborn in flowing robes with tea). And massage also plays an amazing role. We think we have the world’s greatest massage therapist in Rodrigo Palacio. If you are not sure scroll through our reviews and see what people say about his mastery. Finally, please watch this video of another great teacher and friend Dr. Mithu Storoni, who is part of the video series the Science of Yoga…. Have a great weekend!

Bruce Kessler
Hot Yoga Bliss Director