Destination: Your Bliss. Check In To Paradise This Summer and Fall

View of the Restaurant from the pool

Destination: Your Bliss. Check In To Paradise This Summer and Fall

What I always loved about a hot yoga class was the challenge it presented – but even more important the feeling of elation and absolute joy of the connection between mind and body. When I found Punta Serena Resort and Spa on an escape from dealing with the loss of my Mom, I realized then that this place was special. The energy and the warmth of the surroundings – it felt like I was completely away from everything. That was 10 years ago and then I went on my path: Bikram Yoga TT in 2007 and then back to New York City where I was to teach over 5000 classes in five years! In 2011 we did our first retreat and it was an amazing beginning. Of course there are bumps along the way. Starting a retreat business is not as easy as people think. But the rewards are so much more. I truly enjoy bringing people together and watching them bond in the course of a few days. That alone has been worth every ounce of work. Take a look at this simple video taken on our last trip this past Spring and see if you dont get the yearning to escape. So come join us this Summer and Fall 2017 in paradise on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Check out our prices for all our retreats here:  https://hotyogavacations.com/retreat/hot-yoga-pure-bliss/. We have four different types of retreats for 2017: Pure Bliss, PowerBliss, Bliss Yin~Yang and Bliss Hot Pilates Sculpt weeks


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