What Dreams Are Made Of…. Why We Stay Attached To Things

What Dreams Are Made Of…. Why We Stay Attached To Things

Dreams are very powerful occurrences. We all dream and then we try to identify symbols, even if they make no sense at all. The other night I dreamt that I was in a clan or a group where I felt my life was threatened. Actually, there was someone who had control over my life. In that dream was another yoga instructor who I knew for many years. the difference between us is that I sort of moved on from one practice into multiple forms of yoga. And yet, I still felt some guilt about that. On with the dream: the person who had control over me had already killed a few people. When he took me outside from where we were he told me to kneel down and bow. I saw someone with a shiny steel 3 foot long pick and he looked like he was ready to use it. I waited as I closed my eyes. It was then that this person said “open your eyes, you are free to go.” It was then that I awoke and felt a lightness and something very freeing… but what was it? Was it something that I was attached to? Can I continue on this path? The Buddha said : “the root of suffering is attachment…” and that is all well and good. But how do we detach?

My way of detachment is doing something that I love and at the same time gives something of benefit to other people. And getting paid for it? It is important as a way to sustain ourselves but it doesn’t give us that amazing feeling of seeing someone benefit from something you are doing….

For me doing these retreats is a way of detaching from all of the hard work and then experiencing the blessing of being in a beautiful place and meeting new people who share the love of health and wellness. What are your thoughts on dreams and attachments? Please email me your experiences and feel free to look at our beautiful resort!

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