Practicing for more than 15 years, Bruce has taught in New York City and Las Vegas since 2007 and has led more than 5,000 classes. He is a three-time competitor (2007, 2009 and 2011) in the Bishnu Gosh Cup Regional Yoga Championship and is a nutritional consultant and lifestyle fitness consultant as an owner of Yoga Fit for Life. Bruce also has developed and owned several catering and hospitality companies in New York City, notably the Catering and Entertainment Group (CEO GROUP). Special events included the largest holiday party for the NYSE to a special dinner for former President Clinton.

Bruce spent part of 2014-15 in Europe and Russia with his “Hot To The Core” Seminars and now lives in Las Vegas developing future retreats and trainings. In addition to expanding the options for Mexico at Punta Serena to include Power Vinyasa, Yin and Hot Pilates/Sculpt. Since 2015 Bruce has been working with the Trufusion franchise to help with it’s core locations in Las Vegas. Mentoring, teaching and helping new teachers discover their calling is one of his passions. He has also  partnered with several yoga instructors to offer retreats in both Hawaii (Big Island) and in the Hamptons in 2017/18

A Message from Bruce Kessler, Founder/Director of Hot Yoga Bliss

I found this place as a refuge from my corporate and entertainment catering business in 2000. I then returned in 2006 following the passing of my beloved Mom, Elisa. I was depressed and slowly letting my catering business slip away because the joy had disappeared –  the flame had died out. I just wanted peace

We all have encountered a period of anxiety and depression. That was mine. It is part of the turbulence of life. I have dealt with the passing of both my parents and my only sibling, Dr. Theodore Kessler. He was born with Muscular Dystrophy and lived most of his life in a wheelchair. When at the beginning I embraced yoga it was not like anything else. It calmed me down from all of the the drive and determination. Having a disabled sibling always made me feel somewhat embarrassed when I was with him to talk about anything physical.

But he understood what the yoga was doing for me and told me that when I decided to become an instructor of Bikram’s Hot Yoga … “the best decision you have ever made.” So this is why I do these retreats: to  try and somehow project the influence and the importance of my brother’s life to people who didn’t know him  – and sort of connect with him.

Yoga helps correct two different states of being: rajasic: (restless or anxious) and/or tamasic (lethargic or depressed). Hot Yoga I believe can help with both by combining vigorous (standing series) with relaxing and calming (the floor series). Our retreats of Hot Yoga Bliss also offer the additional elements that you may not find at other retreats… The Temazcal Ceremony is one of them. The photos of the Temazcal ceremony on this site are before (mud exfoliation) and after (newly reborn in flowing robes with tea). Mmassage also plays an amazing role. We think we have the world’s greatest massage therapist in Rodrigo Palacio. If you are not sure scroll through our reviews and see what people say about his mastery. Finally, please watch this video of another great teacher and friend Dr. Mithu Storoni, who is part of the video series the Science of Yoga….It’s Awesome

So, I have decided to spend my life to help people. Combining a life in hospitality and a love of teaching yoga, Hot Yoga Bliss is my journey. And finding Punta Serena on Mexico’s Pacific Coast has proven to be the perfect spot. I hope I can share it with you.