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If you are flying into Puerto Vallarta (PVR), there are several different options and many more flight choices. However, we always suggest searching for Manzanillo flights as it is a much shorter trip

If you plan to go straight from the airport to the resort, we will make the arrangements with reliable taxi or vans depending the number of guests arriving that day. Please note that the drive from Puerto Vallarta to the resort is 2.5 – 3.0 hours  (exactly 190 kilometers) and lunch will be available Transportation on the listed day of arrival and departure only and will be priced per vehicle.The rate is approximately $150 – $225 (US) or $2800 – $4500 pesos (MX) per vehicle (not per person). We guarantee safe and reliable drivers.

If you arrive and depart on days other than the listed arrival and departure retreats on the website we will still arrange service for you but it will be more expensive. A taxi for one person will be approximately $110 – $120 (US) or $2000 – $2200 pesos (MX) each way.

Finally, if you choose to arrive a day early or stay one day later than the scheduled retreat dates,we have made arrangements with two boutique hotels in the heart of Puerto Vallarta to make the beginning or end of your stay smooth. Go to www.riverdelrio.com or www.garlandsdelrio.com. Mention Hot Yoga Bliss/Bruce Kessler and you will be well taken care of. These are two outstanding boutique hotels with an eclectic “New Orleans” vibe


Scheduled pickups are for flights to and from Manzanillo (ZLO) are free on weekends only and should be within three hours of each other and only until 6 PM. This is to avoid people arriving on flights spaces too far apart. Most flights will arrive between 12 noon and 3 pm. For any flight arrivals after 6 PM on weekends or any weekday arrivals you can take a taxi service from the airport to the resort. The ride time is 45 minutes and usually costs $55 to $60 per taxi. Taxis are clean, reliable and very safe.

Please keep in mind that midweek flights to Manzanillo are less frequent and usually require at least one stop through Mexico City. To and from Puerto Vallarta you will find many more choices if you fly midweek and have a shorter stay. See airlines below that services both cities.






Find a Flight

The table below shows the airlines that fly into Manzanillo (ZLO) and Puerto Vallarta (PVR). PVR is about a 3 hour taxi ride to the resort which typically costs $35 to $55 per person but has more arrival/departure days available than Manzanillo. Please try to book departing flights from either airport no earlier than 1 pm, if possible. Depending on which airport you are flying into and which airline you are using, the table specifies what times you’ll need to arrive in order to have guaranteed transportation to and from the airport and what days that airline has available to arrive. West Jet is specifically for guests coming from Canada.


Aeromexico – PVR 12-4 pm 2-6 pm Every Day
Alaska – PVR/ZLO 12-4 pm 2-6 pm Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun 3-4 days/week – seasonally
Delta – PVR Only 12-4 pm 2-6 pm Every Day
West Jet – PVR?ZLO 12-4 pm 2-6 pm 2-3 times/week – seasonally
Aeromexico – PVR 12-3 pm 2-6 pm Every Day
American – PVR 12-3 pm 2 – 6 pm Every Day
Delta – PVR 12-3 pm After 12pm Every Day
Alaska – PVR 12-3 pm After 12pm Every Day
West Jet – PVR 12-3 pm After 12pm 1-2 Times/Week – seasonally

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